This is how you can be part of this extraordinary salsa experience:

You can get your Hamburg Salsa Marathon pass for only 150,- Euro!

This includes:

  • the pre-party, the marathon and the after-party (65 hours of social dancing from Thursday to Monday)
  • delicious catering and free soft drinks (water, coffee and tea) during the marathon

The new years eve party is not included and must be booked and paid extra (€ 50,- for HSM pass holders).


We know that some of you like to plan their salsa trips long in advance, especially for that time of the year. For these early birds we have a special 20/20 offer: the first 20 spots of the marathon will be granted a discount of 20% off the full pass price!


The marathon is only for registered, ticket holding dancers. If you want to come, please register your place to be able to buy a ticket. You are ‚IN’ after you have received a confirmation mail and paid for the pass.

  • Daily entrance at the marathon is not available
  • We have 200 exclusive tickets (100 leaders, 100 followers)
  • Partner/group registrations are possible - please fill out the partner/friends field in our registration form with the name of your partner or the group-name of your choice. However, everybody needs to register individually.

Under no circumstances you should miss this event!